Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A new segment of the blog will be about Stationary Appreciation. Every Sunday from this day forth shall be known as Stationary-Sunday.
And before you point out the obvious...Yes it is indeed Tuesday evening in the UK. But let it be known I will be more organised, and these posts will be posted on a Sunday.
I also started a tumblr called "tools of our trade" sharing photos of my stationary appreciation. 

These little Hand held machines have been instrumental in helping me get organised in everyday life. My dissertation alone, I used 7 rolls of embossing tape which equates to 21 metres of labels. It may sound crazy, but once you get your mitts on one of these, it's hard to stop.
The trusty DYMO label maker, first made its debut in 1958, and before long most people were using them to label anything from plant pots to mix tapes.

The type face that these little embossers produce are irreplaceable, and in this age certainly give people a sense of nostalgia as even on newer models it has not changed.
I still remember the first time my Dad let me punch in my own name, so I can have a label for my pencil case. It took a lot of effort as my little 6 year old hands did not have the strength to press hard enough and the first little label I made myself, yielded disappointing result.
A little strip of plastic, started with a faint J, then a slightly fainter A and then an even fainter S... It was hardly legible. Papa Lau had to step in and use his super-dad-strength, Lo & Behold!
A beautifully embossed label on shiny red plastic with my name on it. I was hooked, from that point on I insisted on labelling everything with that label maker. Exercise books, lunch boxes... the fridge (just incase anybody thought it was a cupboard and not a fridge...).
To this day it is still one of the pieces of stationary I reach for regularly. The best thing about the DYMO label maker, is that no batteries are required, and if you look after it well, it'll serve you well. Just like much analogue technology,typewriters and film cameras, if you take care of them they could last a lifetime.

My dad claims to have had these for decades, I hope to be using these for a long time to come.

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DYMO Support said...

What a great review! We also hope that you keep enjoying our label makers for a long time to come. ^CP